The Ensemble

Trio Molino Den Haag was founded in 2003 by Claire Fahy (baroque violin), Barbara Post (violone) and Ralf Blasi (harpsichord and chamber organ). The ensemble specialises in music from the Baroque era, especially English, Italian and German instrumental music from the early Baroque period.

The three musicians develop a new programme annually, which gives them a rich and extensive repertoire to draw on for future programmes. Alongside well-known pieces of the Baroque era they also regularly present lesser-known but interesting pieces, several of which they have found through their research activities in international libraries.

Programmes presented by Trio Molino Den Haag take one of two forms: a programme without a specific theme giving a representative sample of music from the whole Baroque era, or a programme based around a specific theme. They are happy to put together a programme to suit the wishes of the organiser, as far as possible.

As well as giving performances as a trio, Trio Molino Den Haag also often work together with soloists and vocal ensembles.